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Blown Insulation

Blown Insulation, commonly referred to as loose fill insulation, is the kind of insulation that is blown or sprayed into an area to make sure that every part of the floors, attics or wall cavities will be thoroughly insulated. It is usually used to insulate existing structures that have no insulation or can be used in combination with other insulation. It is competitively gaining the preference of homeowners since it needs the least time to settle, as well as effectively guarantee even distribution in the insulated area.

Installing this kind of insulation is advantageous especially when it comes to hard to reach areas. Since it is spray blown in, it can evenly get to corners and crevices without having to reach too far or crawl in small spaces which can save time. There are three basic types of blown insulation available, fiberglass, mineral wool, and cellulose. Many of these types of insulation are made from recycled materials and are eco-friendly.

However, like all things, it also has its disadvantages. This type of insulation normally comes with two R-values. The first value is when the insulation is first blown and the second is after it settles. This is because, after a certain time, the particles of blown insulation product settle and reduce its R-value. To counter this effect, before being blown in, it can be mixed with an adhesive which can cause the particles to resist settling. There might also be some concerns about houses with older wiring causing a fire or small insulation particles entering the home’s living spaces and its inhalation, which is why it should always be installed by a professionally trained contractor.

When installing blown insulation, there are many important factors to consider, and it is preferable to have this performed by professionals since they are expert at using a specialized equipment for this purpose. Beforehand, you must clear the area to ensure that everything will be free for the installation. Your wiring system also must be dealt with, keeping them above the insulation.

To ensure safety and efficiency, blown installation, or any installation for that matter must only be performed by professionals. They know how to effectively go about these procedures and are experts on precautionary measures needed.

You also should make sure that your additional sealants will be installed, especially if your home has a lot of gaps and cracks. It is also suggested that tanks and pipes be properly insulated as heat or cold can escape from here as well as to avoid freezing.

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