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Insulation Removal

Insulation in key areas, like crawl spaces and attics, can go a long way to conserving energy. Since both these areas are subject to having cold and hot air either entering or escaping, it is essential to protect these areas with the proper insulation. Obviously, keeping hot and cool air in or out is significant, especially during the summer and winter months. Without the proper insulation, much more power will be used up to heat or cool your homes. This reflects on your energy consumption and resulting higher energy costs.

Once your energy costs become higher than the usual, it should already be a warning sign for you that something is amiss. Insulation plays a huge part in your home maintenance since it is one of the factors that regulates the temperature of your house. It keeps in the heat during winter and keeps the cold in summer. Pest infestation which seems to have no apparent source can also be pinpointed to poor or old insulation. This should be removed to avoid instances of contamination of the insulation. Water damaged caused by flooding or roof damage can cause the insulation to mold if not properly dried or you live in an area with high moisture.

Removal of old or contaminated insulation should be done by professionals, as the material can irritate the skin. It may look easy and can be tempting to try for yourself but you must be reminded that it can be dangerous for untrained professionals. What might start out as an attempt to cut costs can potentially incur bigger ones that involve real danger for yourself and family by putting your health at risk.

Your home may have to go through the process of an actual energy assessment to properly identify which parts will need insulation. However, you can also just opt to consult a local insulation contractor in order to identify where your home should be insulated, and the kind and thickness (R-value) of the insulation needed.  This is then the time when you can go through with the removal of your old insulation and reinstallation of the new.

Insulating the crawl spaces and attics of your home can also prevent the presence of unwanted moisture. Some attics contain important mementos while crawl spaces usually contain important wiring or plumbing systems. Insulation can help prevent the presence of moisture that allows molds or rot to build up which can damage and incur additional repair costs.

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